DNA‐Protein Interactions

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Methylation‐Sensitive Single‐Molecule Analysis of Chromatin Structure
Tina B. Miranda, Theresa K. Kelly, Karim Bouazoune, Peter A. Jones
Published online: January 2010
Size‐Exclusion Chromatography with On‐Line Light Scattering
Tsutomu Arakawa, Jie Wen
Published online: November 2001
Mobility Shift DNA‐Binding Assay Using Gel Electrophoresis
Stephen Buratowski, Lewis A. Chodosh
Published online: May 2001
Methylation and Uracil Interference Assays for Analysis of Protein‐DNA Interactions
Albert S. Baldwin, Marjorie Oettinger, Kevin Struhl
Published online: May 2001
DNase I Footprint Analysis of Protein‐DNA Binding
Michael Brenowitz, Donald F. Senear, Robert E. Kingston
Published online: May 2001
UV Crosslinking of Proteins to Nucleic Acids
Lewis A. Chodosh
Published online: May 2001
Purification of Sequence‐Specific DNA‐Binding Proteins by Affinity Chromatography
Leslie A. Kerrigan, James T. Kadonaga
Published online: May 2001
Listings: 1-20   21-36