Bioinformatics Fundamentals

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Making Use of Cancer Genomic Databases
Chad J. Creighton
Published online: January 2018
Finding Similar Nucleotide Sequences Using Network BLAST Searches
Istvan Ladunga
Published online: June 2017
Traction Force Microscopy in 3‐Dimensional Extracellular Matrix Networks
M. Cóndor, J. Steinwachs, C. Mark, J.M. García‐Aznar, B. Fabry
Published online: June 2017
Designing Drug‐Response Experiments and Quantifying their Results
Marc Hafner, Mario Niepel, Kartik Subramanian, Peter K. Sorger
Published online: June 2017
Naomi A. Stover, Andre R.O. Cavalcanti
Published online: May 2017
Statistical Analyses
Johanna Hardin, John Kloke
Published online: May 2017
Using Model Organism Databases (MODs)
Stacia R. Engel, Kevin A. MacPherson
Published online: November 2016
TepiTool: A Pipeline for Computational Prediction of T Cell Epitope Candidates
Sinu Paul, John Sidney, Alessandro Sette, Bjoern Peters
Published online: August 2016
Submitting a Sequence to GenBank
Wei‐Jen Chang, Kassandra E. Zaila, Thomas W. Coppola
Published online: May 2016
Using Google Reverse Image Search to Decipher Biological Images
Jennifer L. Mamrosh, David D. Moore
Published online: July 2015
The Importance of Biological Databases in Biological Discovery
Andreas D. Baxevanis, Alex Bateman
Published online: June 2015
Using EMBL‐EBI Services via Web Interface and Programmatically via Web Services
Rodrigo Lopez, Andrew Cowley, Weizhong Li, Hamish McWilliam
Published online: December 2014
BEDTools: The Swiss‐Army Tool for Genome Feature Analysis
Aaron R. Quinlan
Published online: September 2014
The UCSC Genome Browser: What Every Molecular Biologist Should Know
Mary E. Mangan, Jennifer M. Williams, Robert M. Kuhn, Warren C. Lathe
Published online: July 2014
Common File Formats
Lauren Mills
Published online: March 2014
Cloud Computing with iPlant Atmosphere
Sheldon J. McKay, Edwin J. Skidmore, Christopher J. LaRose, Andre W. Mercer, Christos Noutsos
Published online: October 2013
Genome‐Scale Sequencing to Identify Genes Involved in Mendelian Disorders
Thomas C. Markello, David R. Adams
Published online: October 2013
Using the iPlant Collaborative Discovery Environment
Shannon L. Oliver, Andrew J. Lenards, Roger A. Barthelson, Nirav Merchant, Sheldon J. McKay
Published online: June 2013
An Introduction to Sequence Similarity (“Homology”) Searching
William R. Pearson
Published online: June 2013
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