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Protein Blotting: Immunoblotting
Duojiao Ni, Peng Xu, Diviya Sabanayagam, Sean R. Gallagher
Immunoblotting (also referred to as western blotting) uses antibodies to probe for a specific protein in a sample bound to a membrane. Typically, a protein sample is first size separated via electrophoresis (e.g., SDS PAGE). However, antibodies used for specific protein detection are restricted by
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Conventional Light Microscopy
Eric S. Cole
In this molecular day and age, microscopy seems to be a neglected field of instruction. Too often professors, who themselves are strangers to the use of the light microscope, may hurry through a laboratory exercise designed to familiarize students with its uses. This chapter is designed to serve as
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Submitting a Sequence to GenBank
Wei‐Jen Chang, Kassandra E. Zaila, Thomas W. Coppola
In the post‐genomic era, more and more research projects involve the generation of molecular sequence data. How should these newly obtained DNA/protein sequences be analyzed, and how should they be prepared for submission to sequence databases? In this unit, we provide guidelines and a flowchart to
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Whole‐Genome Sequencing Analysis Using Next‐Generation Sequencing Data
Chi Kent Ho, Xiaohui Cui, Sharon Grubner, Christopher A. Larson, Ying Wei, Paul K. Flook
Next‐generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have revolutionized the biosciences and become invaluable to the discovery of gene function and its involvement in disease conditions. The fast pace of innovation in NGS technologies has enabled the production of huge volumes of sequence data at
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